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As parents we want our children to get the best education possible and we also want to see them succeed in life. But sometimes it can be tricky to make sure they have the tools they need to accomplish that. Schools don’t always offer the tools and training students need to reach their full potential.

The CUBE by YPD was developed to help fill this gap in a way that’s easily accessible and easy to understand. Whether your child attends public school or is homeschooled, this program is a great supplement to their regular education. It’s a unique education method aimed at developing skill sets needed for a successful 21st century life.

What exactly is the CUBE?

The CUBE is a digital tool that helps children and teens discover their potential and develop their talents through the combination of information and challenges.  It contains 11 DVD’s and challenges, cheat cards, printed materials and access to an online community.


It’s sort of like a business class that focuses on four key areas: Energy, Creativity, Communication and Leadership. It teaches things like making a business plan, public speaking, pitching your ideas, networking and leadership. All important skills to have, whether you’re starting your own business or trying to land a great job.

The CUBE is geared toward ages 11-25, but younger children can benefit if they have the help of a parent. It can be a great family project if you have multiple children. Even parents can benefit from the concepts taught here. It’s never too late to start a business! And to my mom blogging friends–there’s great info and strategies for you to learn from too!

There are 11 lessons (so far), each divided further into short videos that are easy to understand and digest. So, each new idea is presented separately, so the learner can have time to reflect on what was discussed before moving on. Finally, at the end of each lesson is a challenge with a task related to the new skills you just learned.

To give you an idea, here is the challenge from lesson one. Since lesson one is about building your personal brand, the challenge is to list five of your personal attributes. The task is so easy a child could do it, but also something important to think about when considering how to market your skills.

YPD Personal Molecule

Whether you opt for the physical or digital version of the CUBE, you also get lifetime access to the online community where YPD plans to add new content, challenges, webinars, articles, video tips, forums and monthly events.

Do you want your child to be prepared for the future? If so, visit the CUBE Kickstarter page for info on how to get started, and the other benefits of supporting the program. Even if you can’t use the program yourself, shares are appreciated!

Help prepare your children to discover their potential, achieve their best and develop their talents for the future!


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