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Fun Friday: ABC Mouse

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ABC Mouse Kids’ Educational Games

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In this tech savvy age, computers are being incorporated into our children’s education more and more. While not a substitute for hands-on educational activities, educational games can be a great tool for increasing your child’s interest in learning.

ABC Mouse is a complete online curriculum for preschool and kindergarten. The curriculum covers reading, math, science, art and music and incorporates art, books, puzzles, songs and games into the lessons. They even provide printables for some offline work.

Each account can have up to 3 users, each with their own learning path for their grade level. They can visit their classroom or even go on a “field trip” to an interactive farm and zoo!

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Each child gets to create their own avatar. They also get their own pet fish and hamster to take care of. My daughter thought it was fun to clean the fish tank.

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Another cool feature is that when an activity is completed, you get tickets which you can later use to go shopping. My 4 year old daughter was spending them as fast as she was getting them. We still need to work on saving up on something you really want.

In the Parent’s Section you can customize your lesson plan by selecting activities for your child and track your child’s progress.

ABC Mouse has a ton of fun and educational games that will keep your child entertained for hours, all while giving them the tools they need for academic success.

My daughter loves her ABC Mouse and is always asking to play. But if you’d like to try it out yourself, you can sign up for a free trial. Try it out for a month and you decide whether or not to keep the subscription. You (or your child) just might become addicted!

Go to to find out more details and sign up for your free month trial!

Have you tried ABC Mouse yet?

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  1. i absouloutly love abc mouse but we are really stuggling so i can not pay for it …but i love that u can choose leason and curve to them

  2. I love that you can select activities for your child. And the fact that they earn tickets makes it that much more fun for them.

  3. It is great that the parent can control the subject content. This would be a great supplement to our home school.

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