Momzelle Blue Rose Nursing Shirt

Momzelle Nursing Shirts If you are breastfeeding, you will probably want to get some good nursing shirts. For me, a “good” nursing shirt means comfortable and looks reasonably attractive, especially with jeans. Like this shirt I got from Momzelle.

Milk and Baby Kangaroo Care Shirt

Milk and Baby Kangaroo Care Shirt Have you ever heard of “Kangaroo Care”? You may have heard it mentioned as something that encourages bonding with your newborn and possibly milk supply. Kangaroo care is holding your baby close in skin to skin contact. 

Eshakti–Where Customizing is Easy!

     Are you looking for custom clothing? Or do you hate it when you find a dress you love, but wish it came with different sleeves or a longer skirt?       Eshakti is a clothing website where you can shop for dresses, shirt, skirts and more. Not sure why it’s different from other sites? Well, […]

Customize Your Style with eShakti

     I was recently contacted to do a review for an online clothing company called eShakti. What intrigued me about this website was the claim that they “customize” the clothes you order. Now, by customize, they mean an alteration in the neckline, sleeve length or length of the shirt.And many of the styles only offer […]


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