Change Your Rubbish Removal Habits To Lose Weight

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Improving your rubbish removal practices could help you and your family lose weight. We go through some of the specifics of why this is so below but first we need to share some important statistics that may alarm you. The UK has more overweight people than any other country in Western Europe! The World Health Organization has reported that 28.1 percent of all adults in the UK are not just overweight, but clinically obese.

To make matters even more dire, obesity rates are currently skyrocketing. By 2020, it is predicted than one-third of all UK adults will be obese. Moreover, childhood obesity in the UK has risen so much, the health minister declared has declared this a national emergency! Now, let’s discuss how changing your rubbish removal habits can help you lose weight.
Kick Your Soda Habit
You and your kids may think you’re doing the world a wonderful service by putting all your tin soda cans and plastic soda bottles in the recycle bin. However, it’s actually much better for the planet to stop using products that come in “disposable” or recyclable cans or bottles. It’s also far better for your health, frankly, to drink water from a reusable bottle instead. Sodas contain lots of sugar and carbonation (the fizz part) that make your body more acidic and cause you to gain weight. Even worse, sugar and carbonation both make it more difficult for you to lose weight.
Replace Fruit Juice With Real Fruit
Fruit juices come in containers that end up in the rubbish removal bins or recycle bins just like sodas. So, buying whole fruit instead of juice will quickly reduce the rubbish you generate each week. Whole fruit is also much healthier for you and actually contains antioxidants that will help lower your blood sugar levels. By doing so, you will find it much easier to lose weight and keep the weight off. This gives you the perfect excuse to take the kids berry picking for a fun way to get more exercise and lose some weight. If you have room in your garden, you could even plant some berry bushes or plant a fruit tree. Neither come with packaging or produce any food requiring packaging!
Don’t Eat Frozen Dinners
Frozen dinners come with lots of packaging, outer packaging and inner packaging, some of which is not recyclable (like that plastic film they often put over the food). Frozen food packaging often gets covered in food when you microwave it which makes them ineligible for recycling, even though people still put them in the recycle bin. Of course, just like with bottles, it’s much more eco-friendly to just make your own food, including your own frozen dinners, in reusable containers, even if you can recycle all of the packaging on a particular frozen food. Regarding weight loss, frozen dinners are full of ingredients that fatten you up and make it harder to lose weight. These include several forms of sugar, the worst being high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated fats, and many fillers that don’t give you much in the way of nutrients but add many calories!
Look For Healthier Snacks Without a Container
Have you ever noticed that “junk food” comes with lots of packaging, much of which ends up in the landfill? Even when it can be recycled, it's not exactly earth friendly! Snack foods also come with lots of empty calories, often making you hungrier than before you ate them! So, look for healthy snacks that do not come in a package that must end up in the rubbish removal bins or recycle bins! Here a re few suggestions: vegetable sticks, fruit slices, and nuts out of the bulk bin. Yes, nuts contain fat, but it’s a healthy fat in moderation and they are very dense in nutrients and will actually fill you up the right way.
Burn Some Calories Gardening and Composting
Now, here’s a BIGGIE! If you grow a vegetable garden and compost your food scraps, you will notice a huge decrease in the amount of rubbish removal you generate! Plus, you’ll have the freshest, most delicious, vegetables that even the kids will like. In fact, if you get the kids to help you grow the vegetables, they’ll be begging you to eat them for dinner. It’s just human nature to want to eat what you grow! Gardening and composting are also great forms of exercise to help you lose weight and you can also get a little vitamin D from the sun in the process.
Lose Fat Weight By Participating In Litter Picks
Participation in litter picks, picking up rubbish removal that socially irresponsible litter bugs have thrown out, is a pleasant way for the entire family to do something meaningful together. It’s also great aerobic exercise which helps you burn some fat! You’ll even build some muscle in the process and this will help you burn more fat. If there isn’t an official litter pick in your area, you and your family can always get together with friends and do a spontaneous litter pick in the park or on the beach! If you want to get the word out fast on a litter pick, please announce it on Clearabee’s Facebook page or Clearabee’s Twitter feed.
So, there you have at least six ways to lose weight by changing your rubbish removal habits. All of them are pleasant and sustainable and all of them are kid friendly. Good luck in your weight loss goals and thank you in advance for your efforts to reduce our rubbish removal problems!

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