NEVER Leave Your Child Alone in the Car!

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A Child Dies of Vehicular Heat Stroke Every 9 Days

A Child Dies of Vehicular Heat Stroke Every 10 Days

Did you know that every 9 days a child dies of vehicular heat stroke in the USA? That is a extremely scary statistic to me! What makes it even more devastating is it is completely preventable! How do you prevent it? NEVER leave your child alone in the car!

The days are starting to get warmer, so it deserves a special mention, but really, it is never a good time to leave a child alone in the car. 15 minutes is all it takes for a child to be in danger of life-threatening injuries to vital organs.

I am amazed at the parents who think it’s okay to “just run in real quick.” Maybe it’s because I’m one of those paranoid parents who won’t even shut the car door with my kids inside, and I make sure the key is in my pocket in case the wind blows the door shut. Paranoid? Maybe. But better safe than sorry, right?

To drive the point home, Red Castle Productions has made an video showing what happens when a child is left in the car. Although it is a reenactment and the child in the video was not actually hurt, it is difficult to watch and you just may cry. And though the incident in the video is not real, there are real situations like that far too often!

I urge you to go watch the video (only about 6 1/2 minutes) and come back and let me know what you think! And remember:

1. Always check your back seat to make sure your child is not in the car. Make it a habit–it only takes a second to check!

2. Don’t walk away from your car with your child inside. Even to go pay for gas. You never know what can happen!

3. Share this info with any parents you know. You could save a life.

Don’t let your child be the one who dies of vehicular heat stroke!

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  1. It’s also important not to leave your car engine running when an adult isn’t in the driver’s seat. Years ago I had a neighbor who left her young son in the car while she went in the house for something. Her daughter walked in front of the car at the same time the child hit the gear shift making the car move forward, hitting the little girl and pinning her against the side of the house. She suffered multiple injuries and had to have numerous surgeries and years of rehab to fully recover.

    1. Yes, it is very sad. And a lot of parents think it’s ok “just for a few minutes.” That’s why I want to help raise awareness!

  2. I can’t believe people still leave their kids in the car. 🙁 What gets me too is that the backseat (at least in our dark blue car) gets a LOT hotter than the front seats since it is farther away from the a/c.

  3. This Is Horrible I Was Just Talking About This Yesterday It Happens ALL The Time In FLORIDA!! Unbelievable!!

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