Fun Friday: DIY Holiday Countdown Calendar

Here is a little Christmas countdown calendar I made for my daughter. The one I made was really cheap because it was mostly reusing packaging from other products–egg cartons and a cereal box. The most expensive part was the bag of candy to put in it!

So, I had 2 egg cartons. I had saved these because I just knew I would do something with them. I try to find reuses for random stuff like that. I also had a large cereal box–large enough to fit the egg cartons in.

I cut the lids off the egg cartons and trimmed and tucked the cereal box until the egg cartons just fit.

Then I cut out twelve red and twelve green circles out of construction paper, close to the size of each egg compartment. I used a baby food jar lid as a template, but if you don’t have one, you can probably find something similar in size to use.

Put your candy, or other small treat of choice in the compartments. I used Hershey bells, but as long as it fits you can use it! I recommend also putting strips of cardboard (from the rest of the cereal box you trimmed) across the top of each row for the next step.

Write numbers 1-24 on the red and green circles and use a small piece of tape to attach the top of each circle to the cardboard strip above.

Starting December 1st, let your child open one a day through Christmas Eve!


  1. Thank you for this idea. The older girls made advent countdown calendars at homeschool co-op, but I needed something quick to do for the younger two. I will have to get these made today.


  1. The First Week of Advent | Tots and Me says:

    […] To make it fair I also made one each for Harold and Hannah. I found the idea for these over at An Ordinary Housewife. I took two egg cartons, cut off the lids and the little closure flap, then I placed them in a […]

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