Fundamentals Product Review

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I recently had the opportunity to review Fundamentals, an educational DVD geared toward very young children (infant to preschool). As the name suggests, the Fundamentals DVD teaches the basics, like shapes, colors, letters and names of common objects.

     Honestly, I myself did not find it exciting at all. In fact I found it rather boring. The video consists of a lady naming objects or actions as they appear on the screen. She speaks very short, clear sentences like “This is blue star” and “Let’s have fun.”
     However, that being said, my two year old seems to like it. A lot. She especially likes the stars. There are 12 different colored stars that appear in the video and help illustrate what is being discussed. My daughter stays glued through most of the video. This very simplistic approach to learning these basic concepts is optimal for a very young child just learning language. It is much like it would be if you were going over these concepts with your child.
     The package also included a disc that is for parents. It goes over how parents or caregivers could incorporate these principles with their children themselves. I found that disc very interesting and inspiring, even though it did have some of the same content as the main disc.
     Most of the concepts on the disc are the things you could do on your own, but if you want it done in a ready-made video, then this would be a good, basic one to start with. To get more details or to purchase, go to the website here.
*I received this product for free using Tomoson.com. However all opinions expressed are my own.*

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