Fun Friday: Gardening with the Grow Box!

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grow box

     Would you like to grow a garden (even a small one) but have trouble knowing when to water? Do you have limited space for growing plants (like an apartment balcony)? Would you like to get your kids involved in gardening by giving them their own special project?
     If you answered yes to any of these, you may want to consider a Grow Box from the Garden Patch.
     I have only an upstairs balcony since we live in apartment and we live in a hot climate (west Texas) that makes it difficult to keep plants appropriately hydrated.

grow box 2

     It comes with complete instructions on how to set it up and it comes with a planting diagram/cover that makes it easy to know where in the box you should plant certain plants and how many you can plant in the box. For example, you can plant 2 tomatoes in a box, or 8 peppers plants. So I decided on one tomato plant and 4 pepper plants. 
     The grow box comes with a nutrient patch to fertilize your soil and you can easily check to see if more water is needed by looking in the water well (the hole you see in the pic). An easy responsibility for even very small children and would make a good science project for kids of any age.
     Here is a helpful diagram showing how the Grow Box works!


Here are some benefits to having a grow box: 
     *Works even in small spaces, indoor and out
     *No weeding
     *Easy to know when water is needed
     *Comes with Nutrient Patch fertilizer
     *More productive than the same space in an in-ground garden
     To find out more info or purchase a Grow Box, visit the Garden Patch website. Like them on facebook to get all their latest updates. And follow them on Pinterest to see all the neat projects others have done with their Grow Boxes!

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Did you find this helpful? Please share!

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  1. I have never been successful at growing anything. This looks like something I might be able to handle. My sons would be able to use this as a good science experiment as well.

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