How to Make $5 a Month on Swagbucks (with minimal effort)

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     Have you heard of Swagbucks? I hadn’t heard of it until last year, but I started seeing more and more people posting about the “swag bucks” they had just gotten, I finally decided to give a try (after some skepticism).

     You can get a $5 Amazon gift card for 450 swag bucks. Now, there are plenty of ways to earn swag bucks that aren’t (in my opinion) worth the time, but there are a few things you can do to get a least $5 a month (about 15 swagbucks/day) in Amazon gift cards that require minimal effort.
     First of all, install the toolbar. That makes the other things I’m going to suggest much easier. Besides, you get a swag buck every day (one a day) you open your browser. On the toolbar, you can search. You generally get 7-20 swag bucks after doing 2-5 searches. To get a second set of swag bucks, you will have to do more searches (usually another 10-15).
     Then there is swagbucks tv. This is also on the toolbar (though you can also access it from the website). You get 3 swag bucks for every 10 videos watched. Videos range from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. The shorter ones tend to be the Style, splash and zoo ones. I usually try to get through at least 3 sets (9 swag bucks). I leave my computer on mute, play the video, minimize it and go about my business. I’ll open the video screen every so often, start the next video if necessary, minimize and move on again. I don’t even notice it. Note: If you have an older computer, the videos may hinder its performance.
     Another thing I try to do every day is the NOSO (no obligation special offers). Just click through the ads (skip or submit). Sometimes there is just one sometimes there are 10. Takes less than a minute, gets 2 swag bucks. Daily poll gets 1 swag buck. 
     So, these are the things I do to get swag bucks. I generally don’t mess with the surveys or tasks or offers that require SSN’s or credit cards. Every so often there will be an offer I’m willing to do, that doesn’t require a purchase or sensitive information. But those aren’t things I can do every day. 

     Today’s Friday, which is “mega swag bucks day.” Supposedly you get chances of higher points (like on searches) than on other days, but I haven’t experienced this myself. The days I’ve gotten the most search points–I think 39 is the highest I’ve gotten–it wasn’t even on a Friday. But anyway. Not a huge source of income, but an easy way to get an Amazon gift card here and there.

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  1. Thanks for this helpful info. I joined swag bucks a couple months ago after seeing it mentioned in a bunch of places but past that I hadn’t done anything with it…..I appreciate these tips to get a 5$ amazon gift Card each month and look forward to doing it now. 5$ isn’t much but save them up and I can buy a little extra something that I might not have otherwise purchased…I’m all the time seeing inexpensive things I want on amazon but I never buy the stuff because I don’t have enough for the 25$ free shipping and don’t want to do a bunchof little orders and pay shipping…. Thanks again for these helpful tips.

  2. I love their videos, they have some really great ones for cooking. Of course doing searches to earn codes is easy too. Love Swagbucks

  3. Thanks for your explanation of how Swagbucks works. I, too, see it mentioned all over the blogs, but never really understood what was involved.

  4. I am signed up for swagbucks .. I have a hard time understanding how to use it 🙂 It is something I will have to spend more time on.

    1. Maybe I will have to do a post on that sometime. Though like I said, I generally limit my time to the things mentioned in this post. There are a lot more experienced “swaggernauts” than me out there!

  5. I joined SwagBucks a long time ago and found it too confusing and time-consuming. This info helps as I can do that daily. I have to admit that I do take advantage of the rare freebies and points that I find on-line. Thanks for the tips.

    1. I think the searches give you the most points per hit. Usually they’ll offer things on the SB homepage. Sometimes they require spending money (get xx SB when you buy x) but not always. The things I mentioned in this post are mainly what I do.

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