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Lakeshore Learning Woodworking Kit

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*I received a Build It Yourself Woodworking kit for review. All opinions are my own.

Lakeshore Woodworking Kit01

If you are looking for gifts that are both fun and educational, Lakeshore Learning has an awesome selection. I have tried out several of their toys and games so far and my kids have loved all of them. There are a lot of other toys on the Lakeshore Learning site hat I have yet to try out that also look great.

The latest Lakeshore product I received for review is the Build it Yourself Woodworking Kit. I was asked to select a product from among a selection of Lakeshore Learning’s arts and crafts projects, and with the input of my DH, settled on the woodworking kit.

Lakeshore Woodworking Kit

 DH loves woodworking, but hasn’t been able to do much since we moved into an apartment. But the Build It Yourself Woodworking kit comes with everything you need to  make kid-friendly wood projects, including the hammer and sandpaper. 

The woodworking kit is targeted to kids 4 and up, but my 3 year old son always has to be involved in anything his sister (5) is doing. And this project was actually a lot of fun for both of them, since my daughter is very artistic and my son loves to build things. 

My son’s choice of project was the airplane:

Lakeshore Woodworking Kit27

While my daughter opted for the coin bank.

Lakeshore Woodworking Kit17

 Don’t worry, there was lots of help from Dad involved! Adult supervision is definitely recommended when working with things like hammer and nails. I should note, though, the set also comes with wood glue, so you can opt for that instead of nails–especially if your kids are on the younger end of the spectrum.

 I’ve yet to try a Lakeshore Learning toy that my kids haven’t loved, and this was no exception! The Build it Yourself Woodworking Kit is only one of many great toys available at Lakeshore Learning. It is also great resource for homeschooling and other education products. And they also gave me a 20% off coupon to share with my readers! It expires 3/31/15.

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  1. Hi, I just love this little kit. Sometimes friends ask how they can get their kids started in woodwork. Now I have an answer for them. It can be difficult to keep them interested in more complex projects but this looks the right level of complexity.

  2. What a great and intuitive way to peak your kids interest in woodworking. An amazing hobby i have to say and very practical. I didn’t know learning woodworking kits exist. Being a passionate woodworker, i might create one myself for my little boy. Thanks for the inspiration, Rena!

  3. This is a cool little kit to get your kids involved in woodworking! it’s good to get them interested in a project like this so hopefully they can do some successful DIY projects later in life!

  4. The first sentence says it all “fun and educational”. I try to get my niece things that fall into both. She loves to do projects whenever she visits and she would love these.

  5. We have this kit as well! My boys have loved it and it makes a great parent/child project. My kiddo has also enjoyed taking the pieces back apart, because he likes to reverse engineer everything.

  6. I’ve never heard of this company but I’m looking into it. They have products that my nephews would enjoy!

    1. We love all their stuff. If you ever get a chance to go to one of their stores, those are great too. They put several of the toys out to try out and the kids love it!

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