Simple Minecraft Cake

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Minecraft Cake

My little boy turned 4 recently. He decided he wanted a Minecraft cake. Yes, my 4 year old is into Mincraft! And I couldn’t really complain, since the concept was easy enough. It had to be easier than the pirate ship cake I made for him last year.

There was more than one cake one the internet that used cake, Rice Krispy Treats and blue Jello for a Minecraft cake. I guess the fun of it was that each one was a little different and unique to the person that made it. Kind of like the game itself, if you’re familiar with it at all.

The squid (my son insisted on the squid!) was made with Tootsie rolls leftover from Halloween…I had a couple of the long ones I cut into strips with kitchen scissors and the head was made for the square kind. The eyes were orange M&M’s.

I also added blondies to mine. Just because we like blondies around here. If you’re interested, I used this recipe with these adaptations: I added chocolate chips, used butterscotch flavoring instead of almond and added 1/2 tsp baking powder.

So, my husband bought the Minecraft toys on Amazon, and most of them came with a block. Unfortunately, I didn’t bother to look at the blocks before cutting up the pieces of the cake and blondies, so the cake pieces were not the same size as the blocks, like they were supposed to be.

So, here’s what I learned and what I’d do differently. If you decide to make a Minecraft cake, you can learn from my mistakes!

I made my devil’s food cake recipe in an 8×8 pan. I cut it in 9 peices, but I should have cut it into 16. The pieces would have been much closer to the size of the blocks.

I made the Rice Krispy treats in a 9×13 pan, like the recipe said. I should have made them in the 8×8 pan, so they’d be twice as tall, and then cut them into 16 pieces so they would be more like blocks.

Thirdly, the Jello. I got a small box, since we really don’t eat Jell-O much around here. I should have gotten at least 2, or one large one. I did the recipe for “jigglers” (on the box) and used a loaf size pan, but it still wasn’t really deep enough. Next time I’d double the Jello and still use the loaf size pan.

Finally, I would add this Ender Dragon. Just because it’s cool. It actually goes for the smaller MineCraft characters, but this one has a little stand that suspends it in the air that would make it a really great addition to a cake.

So that’s the cake my son got. He loved it, in spite of its imperfections and if he decides he wants another one in the future, I know what to do!



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  1. I think your Minecraft Cake is creative and fun to make. My son loves Minecraft too and he would love to have a cake like this!!

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