Princess Castle Cake

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 How to Make a Princess Castle Cake

How to Make a Princess Castle Cake

Some people seemed somewhat impressed with the princess castle cake I posted on my facebook page a few weeks ago. In case you missed it, this was a cake for my daughter’s 5th birthday (can’t believe she’s 5!). I didn’t take as many pics of the process as I should have, but I will still try to walk you through it as best I can, as well as some tips I’ve picked up.

First of all, to make the cake as I made it, you will need these non-food items:

Wilton Romantic Castle Set

Disney Princess that fit on the towers (I used this set)

2 9 inch round cake pans

2 small round cake pans or loaf pan (this is what I used)

(optional) Golf tees and super glue

(optional) 12 inch round styrofoam floral discs–you can find these in the floral department at craft stores. If you are using the golf tees (recommended), you’ll probably need 2 to get about 2 inches height. If you are not using the golf tees, you can use a regular cake board (or a cardboard circle)

Cardboard circle or square cut exactly the same size as the top tier

Dowel rods or some kind of stick to support the top tier. I actually used super-thick smoothie straws!

Okay. Now for the cake. The Wilton castle set mentioned above does include instructions for the cake pictured on the box. However, that cake requires 2 cake recipes and that was just too much cake for us. I only used one recipe. It was still too much cake for our family, but there was no way it would work with any less.

Also, the Wilton castle cake uses rolled fondant leaves and flowers, which I think is much more of a hassle than using regular icing. All said and done, I made about one and a half batches of my favorite icing recipe. For the cake I recommend the chocolate cake or yellow cake recipes I have posted on my blog!

The day before, bake 2 9 inch round cakes and 2 small round cakes or on loaf pan (with about an inch of batter). If using the loaf pan, you will cut it in half after baking and cooling and stack the halves on each other. Also glue your styrofoam discs together and cover them with foil.

The instructions in the castle set say to make holes in the bottom of the tower pieces and insert dowels. A much easier method, however, is to get some golf tees (get the shortest you can) and glue the tops of them to the bottom of the towers. Then you will be able to insert the pegs into the cake. This is why I suggested the 2 inch base board.

After your cakes are cooled, your icing is made and the cakeboards are prepared (covered with foil) you are ready to start!

Add a dallop of icing to the center of the bottom base board (styrofaom disc) and place one of the 9 inch rounds on top, in the center. Put a generous layer of icing on the cake and add the second 9 inch round. Now ice the cake completely.


Prepare the top tier by cutting a piece of cardboard as close to the size of the layer as possible.


Insert the dowels, or sticks to support the top tier into the bottom tier. You should have at least four. I had a square, so I put one close to each corner. I actually placed the top tier a little (about half an inch) toward the back of the bottom tier, to make room for the main roof peak (the triangle piece above the door).

In the kit there are 3 turret sizes. Below is a diagram of how I placed the turrets on the cake. S=small, M=medium, L=large. The bottom is the front of the cake. Remember, if you are using the golf tees, the turrets should be pretty stable.

Castle Diagram

And here is the castle without any decorations. I have also added the main roof peak and front door.


Next, I covered the peak roof and four of the cone roofs with pink icing and pink sugar. You can choose any color theme you like. Then I used Wilton tips 233 (grass), 67 (leaves) and 224 (flowers) to add grass, leaves and flowers. I decorated the borders of both tiers with leaves and pink flowers. I also decorated the door frame, underneath each window and around the base of each tower with leaves and pink flowers.

All of the base that was not covered with the castle was decorated with grass and pink flowers. Finally, I added the princesses on the turrets without cone roofs.


This was the most ambitious undertaking in my cake decorating “career.” The cake was not perfect but my daughter loved it and that’s what matters!


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  1. You are amazing! I have always been in awe of the cakes I have seen at bakeries. But try as I may, I have never had the knack for creating even a basic one, much less one as great as this. I bet you are asked all the time to make them for others!

  2. You are so incredibly talented. I love this princess cake! I had to grab my daughter and show her. Love it!

    1. Thank you. 🙂 My mom and grandma both did/do cake decorating, so I know the basics. I’m not nearly as talented as them though!

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