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Ready for Preschool with Lakeshore Learning

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disclosurePreschool BackpackAs you probably know, back-to-school is just around the corner, and that goes for preschoolers too! Even if you’re planning to homeschool, it can be helpful if you’re a novice (like me) to have some great materials to help you get started.

As a mom to a 3 year old, planning to homeschool, but not sure where to start, I was excited to get the Ready for Preschool Backpack from Lakeshore Learning. The materials in his backpack is  great supplement or precursor to a preschool curriculum. It comes with the things you need to get started teaching your little one the basics. Even if your little one will be going to preschool, this is a great kit to help prepare them and get used to learning.

Preschool Curriculum
The Ready for Preschool Backpack comes with:
*12 counting bears
*Alphabet flashcards
*Slot a Shape Builders
*Book of nursery rhymes
*Activity Calendar
*See through back pack to hold it all!
The set comes with 12 counting bears, which you can use for teaching counting, colors and patterns. Here I was trying to get my daughter to choose which bear came next. it took her a few tries, but she finally got it. I wish the set came with 20 bears instead of 12. 20 is a nice round number and it is common for preschoolers to learn to count to 20. But they are still great for counting. Even my 17 month old likes them.

educational toys for toddlers. Both of the kids also enjoyed playing with these colorful Slot a Shape Builders that click together. Like the bears, you could use these for colors and patterns, but you can also use them for practicing shapes and motor skills.

IMG_4456 My daughter really liked linking them all around and making “towers” and “airplanes.” At least that’s what she was calling them! So I guess you could say they are good for imagination as well!
IMG_4464 The set also comes with alphabet flashcards, which is helpful for learning letters and sounds. Crayons, which you can use for coloring or drawing. Ball, good for gross motor skills–plus it’s fun! The ball and the bears are my son’s favorite objects in the pack. Book of nursery rhymes. This book is made of a plastic material, sort of like a dry erase wipe-off book. So it doesn’t tear as easily. My daughter really likes the nursery rhyme book because she was already familiar with some of the rhymes in it.

One thing in the pack that was more for me than the kids, was the activity calendar. It contains a daily activity to do with your child, using the items in the pack. This is helpful if you are beginning to homeschool your first child and are unsure of where to start. You can do more activities in a day if you choose. The calendar is just a guideline to give you ideas. As long as it remains fun for your child, feel free to keep playing!

IMG_4391 The Ready for Preschool Backpack is just one of of many educational resources available from Lakeshore Learning. From infant to 6th grade, they have learning toys and tools for everyone. Whether you’re a teacher, homeschooling mom, or just looking for fun ways to supplement your child’s regular schooling, Lakeshore Learning has a lot of options for organization, activity center, science toys and more!

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Did you find this helpful? Please share!

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  1. What a great idea! I know how hard it was to decide where to start when teaching my son. I really love the bears for counting or matching. I also love the slot a shape builders. An imagination is one of the best things to have. My son really enjoys those types of toys.

    1. Yes, it can be hard to know where to start! The kids really loved this pack and it provided some helpful tools for learning, IMO.

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