Make it Monday: Energy Burst Sugar Scrub

Energy Burst Sugar Scrub Recipe Here is a fresh and energizing sugar scrub to get you going in the morning! The citrusy scent of orange is an energizing effect and I love using it in the morning. It just gets my day off to a bright start!

Deluxe Diaper Cake

Deluxe Diaper Cake Tutorial Diaper cakes are all the rage lately. They can be a great shower gift and give you lots of opportunity to express your creativity and make a unique gift. You can make your diaper cake using items from the recipient’s registry (diapers are always on a registry) or just get basic […]

Make It Monday: Personalized Mugs

Personalized Mugs DIY      So, appearantly you can take a sharpie, write on a white (or any solid color) mug, bake it at 350 degrees for 30 minutes and it will stay. Don’t touch with anything until it is completely cool! Cheap and easy gift for that hard-to-shop-for person on your list!      You can […]

Make it Monday: Homemade Bath Salts

Homemade Bath Salts      Here is a homemade bath salt recipe that makes a nice gift for your mom, sister, grandma or girlfriends. It’s quick, easy and pretty inexpensive to make.

Make it Monday: Brown Sugar Scrub

Brown Sugar Scrub Recipe      Here is a really simple recipe for a homemade brown vanilla sugar scrub. Sounds yummy doesn’t it? And it smells awesome! Sugar scrubs make your skin soft by getting rid of dead skin cells. It makes a lovely gift, is not really expensive, and odds are you already have what […]


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