Thrifty Thursday: Survey Sites (part 2)

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      Okay, today I’m continuing my post on online survey sites, or market research companies. Last week I told you about which ones I plan to stick with for now. Today I’m going to tell you which ones (in my opinion) you shouldn’t waste your time on.

      1. My View–The surveys on My View are longer than I want want to spend, especially for the amount of points they give you. Say they offer 1,400 points for a 30 minute survey. Sounds pretty good until you realize 1,400 points is worth about $1. And they give you 1000 points per referral (that’s less than $1). And the reward choices are limited. So this is one I left.
      2. NPDOR–This one will not take much time to explain. The reward you get for surveys on this site is entries to sweepstakes. If sweepstakes are your thing, maybe you should check it out. But I personally would rather have a sure-thing “small” reward, than a “chance” at some big ticket item. So odds are, you won’t end up with anything for your time on this site.
      3. Zoom Panel–I haven’t done a survey on Zoom Panel for a while. You get points for completing Zoom Panel surveys and you can redeem these points for rewards. I prefer to get my rewards in the form of Paypal or Amazon giftcards, and Zoom Panel doesn’t offer either of those. The rewards offered there are usually actual items (books, toys, magazine subscriptions), so Zoom Panel is ok, but I just decided it wasn’t worth it for me personally.
      4. Toluna–3,000 Toluna points are equal to about $1. Many of their surveys offer less than that, unless it is really long (like 3o minutes). My time is too valuable to waste half an hour for a dollar.
      5. I-say–When I first started with I-say a couple years ago, their surveys paid decent. Back then, I would have listed them as a company to stick with. Nowadays, though, their compensation for surveys is as paltry as some of the others.
     They do have Paypal as a reward option, with a minimum of 1,500 points (equal to about $15).
      Keep in mind, these are my personal opinions, based on my personal experiences. I am simply trying to give you an idea of what to expect when signing up with these companies. So, good luck with whatever you decide to do.


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  1. I actually like Toluna and Isay but I don’t count on the money, I like getting to test products and so far only those two have been fun to do! I think it all depends on who qualifies it’s kinda a weird thing.

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