Thrifty Thursday: Survey Sites part 5

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     Now, on to what is probably the most profitable use of your time–online focus groups. Online focus groups (or even in person ones if you can find a company in your area) generally pay pretty well for your time. They can pay anywhere from $50-200, depending on the subject and how long the study is. The catch is if you can get into one. They are often looking for really specific demographics. 
     Online focus groups usually take place over 3-5 days and consist of you logging into a certain site and interacting with other members of the group on message boards. The moderator will usually post questions about whatever product the focus group is about and you give your opinions. Pretty easy. You just have to log in once or twice a day at your convenience. Then at the end of the study, you will get your compensation (check, VISA gift card, etc). 
      The two sites I know of that offer online focus groups are 20/20 Research and Focus Forward. At 20/20 Research, they will email you if there is a study that may fit your profile and you have to respond to the questionnaire. If you’re a fit, they will call you and verify your info. At Focus Forward, you can apply to focus groups, but you will still only be called if you are a fit. But I highly recommend you sign up for both! And if you know of any other legitimate sites offering online focus groups, please let me know! I would love to have some more companies to work with!

     I hope you’ve found all these posts on online survey sites helpful. Let me just add that you should never pay to get a list of survey companies. These “services” are a waste of money and probably not legitimate.

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