Thrifty Thursday: Survey Sites (part one)

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     This week I thought I would right a post or two about taking online surveys. There are quite a few online survey companies looking for a variety of demographics and taking online surveys can be a good way to make a few extra dollars here and there. Please note this is not a full time income (maybe $100 a year if you’re a member of a few companies and take a lot of surveys) but if you happen to have the time and enjoy sharing your opinion, you might like to try it out. 
     I have tried quite a few “market research panels,” as they call themselves, am still part of a couple and have quit participating in others.
     It is just a matter of deciding which ones are worth your time. How much do they offer for your time? What are the incentives? Do you feel the given incentives are worth the time you put into the surveys? I don’t generally like to do surveys that pay less than $1 per 10 minutes (and even that makes for a low “hourly” rate) unless I’m really interested in the subject matter. For example, I’m a real sucker for surveys on baby products. 😛
     So, based on my experiences with each of these companies, I will start with the companies that I definitely plan to stay with. These are the ones I have found to be most productive and enjoyable for me, personally. Some sites state a dollar amount per survey, and some use “points” that are worth so much.
     1. MySurvey–This has become one of my favorites, not because it always pays great for surveys (because sometimes it doesn’t) but this is the only survey site so far that has actually sent products to try, then give my opinion.
     Many market research companies advertise that they do this, but MySurvey is the only one I personally have received anything from. I have gotten to try diapers, cookies and teething gel so far. So, since I love trying out products, that alone has made me more inclined to do surveys with MySurvey, even if the surveys don’t always pay what I like. You never know when that low-paying survey will ask if you’re willing to receive a product to try, then take a follow-up survey (which will give you more points). At My Survey, each point is worth 1 cent. So a 100 point survey is worth $1. Let me know if you would like a referral–I have to send it to your email. 
     2. Mindfield Online–Sometimes Minefield Online pays ok for surveys, sometimes the amounts offered are rather small. I just take the ones I feel are worth the time. It can take a while to add up, especially since many of the surveys pay small amounts. 
    3. Surveyhead–Like Opinion Outpost, Surveyhead surveys are hit-or-miss on whether they are worth the time. The survey sites Focusline and Mommytalk both almost always redirect to Surveyhead now, so just save yourself time and only sign up for Surveyhead. 
     I will post next week about sites I have found to be more of a waste of time. So check back. 🙂

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