Thoughtful Thursday: A Holiday Memory

Walmart Toyland Event

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Walmart Toyland Event

Halloween is over, and we’re already into November. It’s hard to believe it’s already the second to last month of the year! But that just means we’re quickly approaching some of my favorite holidays!

I love Christmas, not only for “the presents” but for the family times and memories that are created by the holiday season. I love the atmosphere, and our own family traditions, like making our favorite holiday dishes, listening to classic holiday music, decorating the tree and looking at lights on Christmas eve.

But before Christmas comes another family favorite–Thanksgiving. You almost can’t think of Thanksgiving without thinking of “Black Friday”–the biggest sales day of the year. While I do venture out into the stores on Black Friday, I do so at my leisure, after sleeping in, and don’t stress out about not getting the $98 TV, or whatever.

Even though I’m not a die-hard Black Friday fanatic, I do love getting a good deal. Also, I generally start my holiday shopping way before Black Friday comes around. There are always good deals to be had.

That’s why I’m looking forward to the Walmart Toyland Event I’ll be attending this Saturday! I expect to see the latest and greatest #ChosenByKids toys of 2014 and take a good chunk out of my holiday shopping for the kids.

Remember what makes a gift special is the memory it leaves behind. I got a lot of great gifts when I was a kid, but I don’t necessarily remember what I got when. I was a child of the 80’s, so you’ll probably remember some of these: Cabbage Patch Kids, Barbie Fold n Fun House, my Pretty Balerina and an Easy Bake Oven.

But the Christmas gift that sticks out in my mind wasn’t a toy at all. It was a sweater I got when I was a teenager.


My dad and I were always pretty close, but he didn’t always express a lot of emotion and I certainly didn’t discuss my fashion choices with him. And at this point in my life, I was beyond asking for specific things and wasn’t really sure what to ask for. I was pretty content.

But on this Christmas morning, I opened my gift from my dad and it was a greyish blue sweater and I loved it. I had never seen this sweater before in my life, but it was something I would have picked out if had seen it. And I guess my dad knew that.

It made a big impression on me, and I’ve never forgotten it. My dad picked out a sweater he thought I would like and got it for me. I still have it, and oddly enough, it still fits, though not quite as *ahem* loosely as it used to.

Now that I have kids of my own, we are making our own family memories. A parent can’t plan what gift will be most firmly imprinted on their child’s mind. That’s why you make as many memories as possible.

Walmart will be having Toyland events throughout November and December, so make sure you check out your local Walmart to see when the next event is.

Have you ever received an extra-special gift?


  1. Bonnie @WEMAKE7 says

    I love this time of the year. That sweater is really pretty. I can see why you loved getting it as a gift.

  2. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday!
    Bridget A recently posted…Kids Can “Be Who They Wanna Be” With Littlest Pet Shop!My Profile

  3. Such a unique gift and I love the story.Sometimes it doesn’t have to be a toy and this proves that

  4. Great that you still have the sweater, thanks for sharing the memories.
    Justine Caraway recently posted…Comment on BePawsitive Dog Treats by Marci WrightMy Profile

  5. What a great gift.. that is really cool that you still have it!

  6. Great memories; Thanks for sharing! I’ll be attending an event this weekend!
    Holly S. recently posted…My #IdealShape Challenge Progress: 6 WeeksMy Profile

  7. Andrea Smith says

    Great post. This just shows it really is the thought behind the gift that counts. You could get someone a diamond ring, and it means nothing if(you know) they hate diamonds.
    Andrea Smith recently posted…Sweeter Dreams Thanks to GoodNites* TRU-FIT*My Profile

  8. My most “memorable” Christmas Gift I have ever received, is when I got absolutely NOTHING! from my husband! He always said that something that was purchased throughout the year (which was maybe a bigger purchase of something we needed) was our Christmas Gift to each other! I never cried or got upset in front of him about this, however, I was an angry and hurt person! This has gone on now for the last 5 years! I enjoy being with Family and friends on Christmas, however, it is a very depressing day for me! As far as Christmas shopping goes, I haven’t been able to afford to purchase anything and I have to buy for my 2 kids at home, Plus my 2 grandchildren in KY! I do love the selection and sales that Walmart offers! Maybe I can get my hubby (aka Mr. Scrooge!) to go with me this weekend so we can purchase some items and put them on layaway! Thanks so much for the information on the big toy sale at Walmart and your personal story about your sweater! I loved it! Thanks again, Michele đŸ™‚
    Michele Ash recently posted…Thoughtful Thursday: A Holiday MemoryMy Profile

  9. That is so sweet! Great post!

  10. That’s sweet, love that your Dad bought you a special sweater!

  11. What a great story! That’s amazing you still have the sweater too and that you can fit into it! Awesome!

  12. As someone who lost their father at a young age this is certainly a memory that I am able to appreciate and one that should be cherished for a lifetime. Thank you so much for sharing this memory with us!

  13. Great post! Sometimes toys weren’t always the best gift in our home too, I remember my Mom buying all nine of us girls a nice Chinese Robe. Man I wish I had kept it up they were so beautiful and so is your sweater!!

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