Thrifty Thursday: Ways to Save Water

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Ways to Save Water

     Well a couple weeks ago I talked about ways to save electricity so I thought today I’d talk about ways I try to save water, things I will try to implement when I get around to it and one or two more extreme ideas. None of these involve installing anything, like many water conservation sources tell you.

     1. Turn the water off when you brush your teeth. I know this one is a common water-saving tip, but some habits die hard for people. My husband is not at good at this one. When I try to remind him, I’m told to “stop nagging.” :-/ 
     2. Don’t shave your legs in the shower. Just think how long it takes to shave your legs. If the water is running the whole time, that’s a lot of water! Instead, I wet my legs, turn off the water and don’t turn it on again until I need to rinse. I usually do this right before a “real” shower. 
     3. I don’t take long showers. I’m only in the shower as long as I need to be. I don’t take showers to “relax”, like some people do.
     4. I don’t rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Most modern washers don’t require pre-rinsing! Also, only run a full load! If you hand wash, don’t leave the water running to rinse. Wait until you have a few dishes and then rinse. It takes less time and water.
     5. Same as with the dishwasher–only run your clothes washer on a full load. 
     6. Put a sealed liter bottle in your toilet tank full of rocks/pebbles. Most of the time, the tank provides more than you need per flush. I haven’t actually done this yet, but feel like I need to! 
     7. One idea I have not done myself, but you could do if you had the desire and perseverence to be this extreme, is to plug the tub while you shower and use the water, along with a gallon bucket, for flushing. That would save even more water, but also takes some effort. We haven’t gotten that extreme yet! You could also use excess dish water to water plants. 
     For some other good tips, you can go here.

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