Sponsored Posts and Social Media

Sponsored Blog Posts

An Ordinary Housewife offers family-friendly sponsored blog posts.  If this is a pre-written post, the fee will be $50. Pre-written content should be original for SEO purposes. For a post written by me, it will be $75.

I prefer paypal, but will consider gift cards to certain retailers.

How payment works: I will let you know when the post is completed. As soon as I receive payment, I will publish the post (within 12 hours).

Posts written by me will include:

Information on the product and company, including links

Pictures, if available (If none are provided, I may use stock photos from the website) I like to use at least one, even if it’s just a company logo.

Up to 3 social media links, by request

If you request specific keywords, I will use those if possible.

If you would like to provide a discount code, or mention a specific promotion of the product, I will include those.

Sponsored post price includes 1 tweet (to the post) and 1 Facebook post.

If you would like to negotiate, please submit reasonable offers to [email protected] along with a topic idea and any links or keywords you would like included. Please, no more than 3 links.
I reserve the right to refuse an offer for any reason. Please allow sufficient time for the post to be made and published.

Posts should be family-friendly and relevant to my audience. No controversial topics, bad language, adult content or alcohol please.

There will be a disclaimer stating that it is a sponsored post, to comply with FTC regulations.

Links will be “no follow” in accordance with Google policy. This is for you as well as me.

Social Media “Shout outs”

For a small fee, I will write a brief, one time “blurb” directing attention (including a link) to your company and share it with my followers. “Ad” will be placed before any links to comply with FTC rules.

Facebook post: $12

Tweet: $10

Google+: $5

Pinterest: $7

Instagram: $5

Facebook post and tweet: $20

Facebook post, tweet and Google+: $25

Facebook post, tweet and Pinterest: $25

Facebook post, tweet, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram: $35

If you have a sponsored post you would like me to write, or would like to discuss which social media package is best for you, please contact me at [email protected].