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I am a 30-ish married mom of 4–a beautiful, independent 8 year old girl, a rambunctious 6 year old boy and baby boy. I do a nice mix of product reviews and non-review content. I have over 30,000 fans and followers on social media and email.

Products/topics relevant to me and my readers include: Toys, clothes (women and children, snacks, drinks (non-alcoholic!), shoes, natural soaps, shampoos, etc, cleaning/home care, kitchen products, fitness/health products, educational products (preschool currently)–basically anything relevant to family with young children! Not sure if your product is something my readers would be interested in? Just ask!

Product reviews can be a great way to get the word out about your company or a new product. Consumers love to hear about real peoples’ experience with a product and are more likely to trust a review than some other forms of advertisement.

I currently have a $50 minimum value on review items. Otherwise a $25 fee will apply. Please see my product review policy for other details.

I will host a giveaway if desired, at no extra charge. Please see my giveaway policy.


Giveaways are an effective way of generating interest in your product and increasing fans on your social media pages, and driving traffic to your website. Giveaways, if desired, will be included with product reviews. A giveaway not attached to product review will be $50. Please see my giveaway policy for guidelines.

Sponsored Blog Posts

An Ordinary Housewife offers family-friendly sponsored blog posts for $50-75 and social media “shout outs” starting at $5. Please see my sponsored post policy for details.

If you have a product you would like me to review or sponsored post you would like me write, please contact me.

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