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An Ordinary Housewife offers family-friendly sponsored blog posts.  If this is a pre-written post, the fee will be $50. This includes offers for putting “guest” posts on my site. Unless I know you, am familiar with your writing, or I seek you out, your offers for “guest posting” will be treated as a request for a sponsored placement on my blog. Pre-written content should be original for SEO purposes. For a post written by me, it will be $75.

I prefer paypal, but will consider gift cards to major retailers.

How payment works: Because of the number of times I’ve gone through the work of writing, editing and creating a pinnable image, only to have the client refuse payment, I now require a deposit before starting any work. For posts written by me, I require $20 and for pre-written posts I require $10. These deposits are NOT refundable, even if you choose not to go through with posting/publishing.

The rest of the payment is due with 24 hours of posting. I will not promote on social media until all payment is received. If payment is not received on time, the post will be subject to removal, unless another agreement is reached. 

Posts written by me will include:

Information on the product and company, including links. Please note I do not post Dofollow links in sponsored content. This is NOT negotiable. I will not do it, even for a higher price. You may read about how it is against Google policy here.

Pictures, if available (If none are provided, I may use stock photos or photos from your website) I like to use at least one, even if it’s just a company logo.

Up to 3 social media links, by request

If you request specific keywords, I will use those if possible.

If you would like to provide a discount code, or mention a specific promotion of the product, I will include those.

Sponsored post price includes 1 tweet (to the post), 1 Facebook post and 1 Pinterest pin if I feel it is pin-worthy content.

If you would like to negotiate, please submit reasonable offers on my contact page along with a topic idea and any links or keywords you would like included. Please, no more than 3 links.

I reserve the right to refuse an offer for any reason. Please allow sufficient time for the post to be made and published.

Important Notes!

Posts should be family-friendly and relevant to my audience. No controversial topics, bad language, adult content or alcohol please.

There will be a disclaimer stating that it is a sponsored post, to comply with FTC regulations. Other terminology such as “brought to you by” or “in partnership with” may be used, depending on the nature of the post.

Links will be “no follow” in accordance with Google policy. This is for you as well as me.

Social Media “Shout outs”

For a small fee, I will write a brief, one time “blurb” directing attention (including a link) to your company and share it with my followers. “Ad” will be placed before any links to comply with FTC rules.

Facebook post: $12

Tweet: $5

Google+: $5

Pinterest: $7

Instagram: $5 (for image you provide)

Facebook post and tweet: $15

Facebook post, tweet and Google+: $20

Facebook post, tweet and Pinterest: $20

Facebook post, tweet, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram: $30

If you have a sponsored post you would like me to write, or would like to discuss which social media package is best for you, please contact me.

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