Giveaways are an effective way of generating interest in your product and increasing fans on your social media pages, and driving traffic to your website.

If desired, I will host and promote a giveaway on your behalf, for a product to be provided by you.  The fee for this will be $35 if you mail the prize to the winner and $50 if I have to mail the prize to the winner. The giveaway will last approximately 2 weeks, unless otherwise agreed upon.
The price is because of the time and effort it takes me to write a post, set up the giveaway and promote the giveaway several times on my social media. Basically, you are paying me for my work in advertising for you and sharing your product with my followers. Promotion will include at least 2 tweets and 2 Facebook posts per week of the giveaway.

I use either Giveaway Tools or Rafflecopter. If you have a preference, please let me know.

The only mandatory entry will be to agree to the giveaway terms.

Links to your website will be “no follow” in accordance with Google policy. But, you will still get the traffic and brand exposure which is the point, right?

Facebook page “likes” are no longer allowed, as it is a violation of Facebook Terms. We can, however, make it an entry option to have them visit your page which may result in page likes.

Google+ follows and +1’s are not allowed, per Google’s policy. 

I will email the details of my randomly selected winner after the winner has been confirmed. Please do not ask for the emails of all entrants as this violates my privacy policy. Please also note it is unlawful to subscribe a person to a newsletter without their consent. We can make signing up for your newsletter an optional entry.

I request that you ship the prize to the winner within 2 weeks of receiving the winner’s information.

If you would like me to host a giveaway for you, please contact me.

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