Need blog help? Here is all the stuff I wish I’d known about when I first started blogging! I will continue adding as I gain more info!

Some of these links may be affiliate links, but only for products/services I think will help your blogging journey (as they’ve helped mine). 

Learn how to profit from your blog!

Inspired Bloggers University

Build Your Blog

This X-ray of a Blog series is a great compilation of blogging articles and tips! Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3

Free Templates For Your Blogger Blog
Create a Disclosure Policy in No Time!
Create a Privacy Policy (you only get one free)
Ready to use WordPress? Learn it in a week!

Prevent your content from being stolen!

Why “No Follow” is Important”

How to Make a Printable

How to Create a Course

10 Tips for Bloggers who want to work with brands.

Write a Great Pitch Letter
More Tips on Pitch Letters
Find Pics to Use on Your Blog

How to Pitch for reviews, from a Company’s perspective!

Sponsored Posts and Affiliate Networks (free to join) 

IZEA  (sponsored posts, tweets and facebook posts)

Sverve (find sponsored posts, affiliate opps and PR opps)

Share a Sale (my favorite affiliate network)

Build Your Blog Network




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