Tips for Water Safety

Do You Practice Water Safety? Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici / Now that school is out and the weather is warming up–a lot–folks are starting to head to the pool, beach and other outdoor bodies of water. Water recreation is a staple of summer and swimming can be tons of fun, especially when […]

Think About it Thursday: R Baby Foundation

Is YOUR Hospital Equipped for Pediatric Emergencies?      Did you know that many, perhaps most emergency rooms are not equipped to deal with emergencies involving babies? According to R Baby Foundation, only 6% of emergency departments are equipped to deal with pediatric emergencies, and yet children make up about 27% of emergency department visits. 

Think About it Thursday: Working Moms VS Stay at Home Moms

Working Moms vs Stay at Home Moms Since Mother’s Day is coming up, I thought I talk about a “mom” topic that’s been on my mind. Let me first just say I believe all moms deserve to be celebrated and valued! I don’t really get the “war” between stay-at home-moms and moms who work outside […]

Think About it Thursday: The Marriage Restoration Project

How to Improve your Marriage Divorce rates are higher than ever among today’s society, and I find that really sad. My husband and I went into our marriage with the idea it is for life and not just something we could back out of if it “didn’t work out.” Of all the couples we’ve known […]

NEVER Leave Your Child Alone in the Car!

A Child Dies of Vehicular Heat Stroke Every 9 Days Did you know that every 9 days a child dies of vehicular heat stroke in the USA? That is a extremely scary statistic to me! What makes it even more devastating is it is completely preventable! How do you prevent it? NEVER leave your child […]


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