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How to Raise Smart Kids

Guest post by Judith McLean Few people would doubt that intellect and academic performance are linked and so ensuring your child’s intellect is nurtured throughout their development is of critical importance to all parents who have their child’s best interests at heart. As highlighted by experts in the fields of neuroscience and child psychology, childhood…

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Rachel and the TreeSchoolers Series

TreeSchoolers Preschool Science Curriculum  I received 2 Treeschoolers DVD’s to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed are my own honest opinions. Have you met Rachel and the TreeSchoolers? Rachel and the TreeSchoolers is a preschool science curriculum brought to you by Two Little Hands productions, which is the company behind Signing Time.

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Montessori by Mom

 Montessori Education at Home One of the many reasons we are planning to home school is to get away from the conventional classroom way of learning. I have nothing against a public education and it is a great option for many families, but there are also many children who thrive outside of the “regular” classroom…