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Chocolate Santa Sleigh

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Chocolate Candy Sleigh

Chocolate Candy Sleigh

I was playing around with some ways to dress up my chocolate for the holidays and I wanted to share a couple of them with you. I think these are really cute and double as decorations.

For the chocolate sleigh, I used 2 candy canes, a Kit Kat bar, a Christmas goody bag and goodies to put in it. I also added a chocolate Santa.


Using tape or glue, attach the candy canes to the Kit Kat bar like a sled.


Next, put your goodies in the bag. I used Hershey’s kisses, but you could use any small items.


The Santa’s Sleighs would make cute little favors for the table, or a party. And these mini Hershey bars would be great to hang on the tree with a bit of string.


I made these papers to go around regular Hershey’s mini’s. Since there are 4 varieties of candy bars in the package, I made a Santa suit, elf suit, snowman and present. I also wanted to make little trees made to fit around mini Reese’s cups, but I haven’t done that yet.

But if you want the to make these yourself, get some Hershey’s minis and use this printable!

I hope this inspires you to dress up your chocolate!

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  1. Super creative! Love it! Thanks for sharing Santa’s Sleigh at The Weekend Social. Pinned! Please stop by again Thursday 9:00 PM EST.

  2. These are different then others I have seen. I think that they are cute for kids and adults who like candy. Easy to make too

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