Fun Friday: No Sew Train Mat

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no sew train mat

     Here is an easy play mat I made to represent grass for playing with our wooden trains, blocks and toy cars. Yes, I know you can buy carpets for this purpose (we have one) but they just seem too “busy” to me. And  this is a no-sew train mat, so it’s really easy to make!

     This one leaves lots of room for imagination while still providing a nice little canvas. Plus, it only cost about $5!
     To start, I bought 2 yards ($1.99/yd) of the cheapest green fabric I could find. I found a remnant of shiny blue cloth for .75c to cut out a lake. The only other things I used were duct tape and clear packing tape.


     I folded the green fabric in half, then taped the open edges with duct tape.


     I cut my lake out of the blue cloth and secured it with clear packing tape. Fancy, I know. I may make a river too at some point. Then I made duct tape roads. I actually didn’t put a ton of roads because I wanted this primarily for train tracks. The nice thing is this is two-sided, so on the other side I just may make a layout with more roads for playing with cars. I just haven’t done it yet.     


     I actually wanted to make the main pic up there a little more detailed (like block buildings, some cars on the road) but I was lucky to get the track in one piece with 2 toddlers around! And it just seemed mean to get down there to play during their nap time. 😛

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  1. This is a really good way to make a mat to have the kids use for their toys. This is such a good idea. I will have to make this.

  2. That would be great to make and take as a travel play mat – bring one or two cars or trains and the mat would fold up in your purse! Easy-breezy!

    1. I didn’t even think of that, Krista. But you’re right! It does fold up really nicely. Thanks for the idea!

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