Wellness Wednesday: Kettlebell

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 I received one or more of the products here for review purposes. Any opinions expressed are my own and my be different from yours.

 As a busy mom trying to fit in a workout here and there, I need a workout that I can do at home, gives me a great workout, requires minimal equipment and can be done in about 3o minutes. That’s why I love my 3-in-1 Kettlebell from Empower Fitness.

3-in-1 Kettlebell

The 3-in-1 kettlebell consists of a basic 5-lb kettlebell with 2 add-on weights, allowing you to have 4 different weights. The set also comes with a DVD. I still have to use the 5-lb on all segments, but I love that when I am ready to increase the weight, I won’t have to go buy a new kettlebell. It takes up less space than multiple kettlebells too!

Here’s why I love this kettlebell set:

*Takes up very little space. You get a full body workout with one small piece of equipment (plus the instructional DVD).

*It is economical. This one time purchase will last you a long time! Kettlebells can run $15-30 apiece. This one is $40 and can be 4 different weights (plus DVD!). No need to buy more kettlebells when it’s time to move up. Unless, of course, you work up past 12 lbs.

*It can be done in 30 minutes! I do the warm up, then one of the three main workouts and the cool down. It takes roughly 30 minutes altogether.

*Kettlebells work all your muscle groups and burn lots of calories!

 I try to do the kettlebell 3 times a week, which allows me to do each workout once a week. I am always sweating when I’m done! But I haven’t really been achy afterwards. Except the workout that focuses on the lower body. That one kills me! 

Empower Fitness has a lot of great fitness products besides the kettlebell. They have hoops, weights, medicine balls and more!

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  1. I love that it takes up little space and is a variable weight!! Super convenient and totally perfect for my mom apartment life!!

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