Wellness Wednesday: Which Supplements are Best to Take?

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There are tons of vitamins on the market. They all claim you need this, this and this but do you really need all those? A healthy diet can render even a multivitamin unnecessary. But there are a couple supplements that (in my opinion) are good to be in the habit of taking.

Please note I am not a doctor and this post is not intended to give medical advice. These are simply my own conclusions based on various sources I’ve come across. Please discuss any medications or supplements with your doctor.

The two I try to take daily no matter what are a probiotic and an omega-3 supplement. These things are hard to get an optimal amount of from food, though it is possible.

Fish oil has traditionally been the common choice for an omega-3 supplement, but I prefer these krill oil capsules. I find the MegaRed krill capsules smaller and easier to swallow. Plus, fish oil capsules always leave me feeling ill and “fish burps.” So I prefer the krill. Note, krill is a shellfish, so stay away if you’re allergic.

Probiotics are important because they help keep your digestive system balanced and boost your immune system. You can also get probiotics through yogurt and kefir. I’ve heard kombucha is also great, but I haven’t been brave enough to try it.

I also take cranberry pills on occasion to avoid UTI’s, but drinking plenty of water is also important for this! Because I’m expecting, I also take folate.

Iron and Calcium are supplements you should only take if instructed by a doctor, as having too much of these in your system can actually cause problems.

Remember, supplements are just that–supplements. They’re not meant to replace a healthy diet.

Which, if any, daily supplements do you take?


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  1. I had not heard of krill oil, but I keep hearing wonderful things about probiotics and have been thinking about starting to take them. I wish they weren’t so expensive.

    1. Yes, unfortunately probiotics can get expensive. The one I linked to is actually one of the cheaper ones, but it had really good reviews. They can go to about $50 or so for a month’s supply. Krill oil capsules are also a little more expensive than fish oil capsules, but I don’t like the after effects of fish oil pills.

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