Thrifty Tursday: 3 Ways to Cut Your Grocery Budget

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3 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

save money on groceries

     These things are easier said than done, I know! But a few really basic and theoretically simple things to do (and I’m still working on these myself!) in order to save on food are:
      Step 1: create a menu–Plan at least a tentative weekly menu (or bi-weekly or monthly, depending on how often you grocery shop). Knowing what you are planning to make will help you make your list. Which brings us to step 2.

      Step 2: Write a list and stick to it! Look at your menu, evaluate your fridge/pantry to see what you’re lacking and write those items on your list.
      Step 3: Shop the perimeter of the grocery store. I admit I don’t always do this myself. But think about it–the basics (dairy, meat, bread, produce) are all on the perimeters. What’s in between? Convenience, frozen and canned food. You can get good deals on some of these by combining sales and coupons. But otherwise, convenience foods can add up.
      Anyway, those are some basics. Another thing to consider is there are certain times of the year you will get better deals on certain items and those are the times to stock up. As we get into the holiday season, you will see some great deals on canned veggies, baking products, stuffing, turkeys and ham. So plan your menus accordingly and don’t forget to stock up for later!

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  1. We eat really, really simply. Lots of beans, lots of rice, pork shoulder and chicken. The price of eggs has been really tough on the grocery budget as we depended on them as a cheap source of protein.

  2. I always have a list and shop mostly the perimeter of the store. good advice! and if I must buy something from the middle aisles i pick that up and don’t look at everything else. its too tempting!

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