My #SleepNumber Experience (Part 1, The Store Visit)

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Sleep Number Review (Part 1: Store Visit)

sleep number bed review 3

     Have you ever slept on a Sleep Number bed? I’ll be honest. I never had, until I was asked by Sleep Number to do a review for one. It’s kind of one of those things you don’t know you want until you’ve tried it, if you know what I mean. 
     I’ve passed the Sleep Number store at the mall numerous times, but it never crossed my mind to go in. I was fine with my “normal” bed. It was a little on the firm side, but I was pretty content. DH was a little less so. He’s not usually a complainer, but every so often he would mumble about the bed being too hard.

     So, sometime in May I was contacted by a rep from Sleep Number asking me to review either their m7 or p5 beds. Once I agreed to do the review, the first step was to visit my local Sleep Number store, try out the beds and decide which bed we liked best. 
     I made my appointment and we showed up at the store. Sleep Number stores aren’t very large, but they’re very cozy with all the different beds in there!

Sleep number store visit

     The sleep professional, Dustin, who was on duty was very helpful and informative. We told him which beds we were looking at, so he told us the first order of business was to find out our sleep numbers, which we would find trying out a c3 bed which has a thinner mattress than the others.
     I laid down on the bed and Dustin told me to tell him when the bed felt just right. Let me tell you, you can really feel the mattress moving beneath you. You literally feel yourself sinking into the bed. I really don’t know how else to describe it!

Sleep number store visit 2

     Here our sleep professional is showing us how the change in bed pressure is easing the pressure on the back. That’s why a Sleep Number bed is ideal for someone who suffers from back pain or other body pains. Think pregnancy, ladies! 

Sleep number store visit 3

      During the store visit, we figured out my sleep number is probably 30 and Hubby’s is 50. So once we figured out what our sleep numbers were, we got to try out the p5 and m7 beds and see how those felt using our sleep numbers. 
     First, we tried the p5. The p5’s features include an 11-inch Pillowtop with breathable fabric and moisture-wicking fill and an exclusive Intralux foam featuring three unique zones to distribute weight more evenly.

sleep number review p5

The m7 features 3-inches of CoolFit™ foam with gel technology for a cool, soothing sleeping surface. This is the bed we ended up selecting. 

sleep number review m7

     All Sleep Number beds feature the dual air technology that allows each person to select their own level of comfort. 
     The visit ended after our sleep professional went over the bed we had tried out, prices and features. He gave us printouts and a catalogue and showed us the selection of sheets and pillowcases Sleep Number has available for your sleep number bed.
     Next time you pass by a Sleep Number store, you might want to drop in and find out what your Sleep Number is. After trying it out, you just may decide you can’t live without one!
     You can see all the beds Sleep Number has to offer on Sleep Number website and compare features! You can also find Sleep Number on facebook, twitter and YouTube.
     Be sure to check back for my second Sleep Number post about delivery, and you’ll get to see how a Sleep Number bed is put together. See you soon! 

See part 3 about using the bed!

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  1. I like the bed but hate the mattress because they are nothing but foam and tears all the time this is my 2nd one and has torn again and you can’t turn over the whole mattress where can I get a better mattress

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