Weight Loss Wednesday: Do the Hula (Hoop)!

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hula hoop

     Today I thought I would share something my mom told me a while back. When she was going to another gym, they told her that hula-hooping is a really great way to tone your tummy. I hadn’t hula-hooped for a long time up till that time, so I’d never really considered it as an option. Hula-hoops are for kids, right?

     Turns out, hula hoops are a great calorie-burner. And you know what areas get the most work-out from it? The waist, hips, thighs–in other words, the “problem” areas of most people trying to get toned.
     And it’s inexpensive. Just a couple dollars in the Toy section at Wal-mart or Target. However, it is important to make sure it is the kind with water in it, not the really cheap ones that have styrofoam in them. But they are still pretty inexpensive.
     And you don’t have to limit the workout to your waist/hip area. Try using them on your arms or legs. For your legs, swing it with one ankle and jump over it with your other foot. You fellow children of the 80’s might remember something called Skip-it that worked in a similar fashion.
     Try to hula hoop 10 minutes straight. You will get some benefit, even if you only do it 10 minutes a day, but you’d do really well to aim for 30. And if you could also manage a daily hour walk, you be getting some good exercise that won’t cost you anything!

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