Wellness Wednesday: How Soda Affects Your Body

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How Soda Affects Your Body

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Okay, let me start by saying I really really like soda. As I teenager I drank Coca Cola (sometimes Pepsi) All. The. Time. I’m not kidding. I probably drank more soda than water. I still like it a lot. I have really been trying to drink mainly water and white tea, but I still like the occasional soda.
I say all this to say I am not trying to “preach” to you about the dangers of soda. I’m not what you would call a “health nut” by any means. However, I recently came across this very interesting infographic and I thought it merited sharing.
Do you know how soda affects your body? Some of these affects I already knew. We’ve all heard about how sugar is bad for your teeth and drinking soda can make you gain weight (which is why this is being posted on Weight Loss Wednesday) and many of us probably know it can cause kidney issues (like kidney stones). But I did not know it could contribute to asthma, reproductive issues and osteoperosis.
Will this diagram cause me to never drink soda again? Probably not. And I’m not saying you can never ever have one. But treat it like any sweet and have it on occasion, and not if you’re also eating sweet stuff. Yeah, I used to do that too. A candy bar and a coke. It’s a wonder I’m not a diabetic!
At least be informed of what you’re doing and don’t overdo it! I know it’s hard. But take it one step at a time and it will be worth it!

*Infograpic from Termlifeinsurance.org Click on it for the embed code.**

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  1. Yet, still to this day, I think the best thing about being a grownup is that I can have a coke anytime I want! I don’t, but really want to! I guess that’s the 2nd best thing!

  2. This is really scary!! Im not a soda drinker but my hubby is totally hooked!! I plan to show him this chart, maybe it will help my fight 😉

  3. I knew some of the bad of soda but not all of them. Good to know and I’ll share this with family members. Hubby LOVES diet soda and it’s all I buy. The teen and I mainly drink water.

    1. Water is best. Actually diet soda is not really good for you either, even though it is lower calorie. I have been trying to stay away from artificial sweeteners myself.

  4. Diet pop is deceiving too. The chemicals in the artificial sweeteners block the body’s cells from using insulin correctly making the blood sugars elevated as well as high blood pressure and high cholesterol (metabolic disorder).

  5. I am trying so hard to stop drinking soda. I am printing this to keep on the refrigerator, thank you for this it will help motivate me to grab the water.

  6. This is a good post. My fiance was a big drinker of soda and then had problems recently with kidney stones. Since then he has cut back on soda drastically. We actually drink soda that we make with SodaStream. It is a much better alternative. My fiance has even said that he has noticed a big difference with his health.
    We’ll stick with it for a while. Overall, I love drinking water. Only when I get a craving for something fizzy is when I reach for soda.

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