Make It Monday: Make Your Own Powdered Sugar

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Easy trick to make your own powdered sugar
     Did you know you can actually make your own powdered sugar? It’s actually quite easy. And what’s even better is you can make your own low calorie powdered “sugar” by applying the same method to erythritol, as I did in the pic above. You could also do it with Splenda, but since Splenda is artificial and erythritol in natural, I’ve been using erythritol for my sugar-free baking.
     All you need is a blender and 1 TBSP corn starch per cup of granulated sugar (or no calorie sweetener). Put them in the blender and grind for about a minute, until the contents are completely powdered. Allow it to sit 5-10 minutes before removing the blender lid so it can settle. Otherwise you will have a cloudy white mess! 
     If you don’t want to use corn starch, you can use xanthum gum or guam gum. You can powder the sugar without adding the corn starch, but the the corn starch and xanthum and guam gums provide a binding agent that may be necessary in some recipes. But even without those, you can use it for things like frosting. And it’s great, because now you can make your own sugar free frosting!

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  1. This is great to know, because I’ve been eyeing a baking recipe that uses powdered sugar, and all I have is granulated. I was contemplating going to the store just for that. Now, I know I don’t have to! Love saving time and a grocery trip 🙂

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