Make it Monday: Sealife Sensory Bag

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Sensory Bag Homemade Baby Toy

Sensory Bag Homemade Baby Toy

     I got this idea from Plain Vanilla Mom. It is a “sensory bag” and makes a fun homemade baby toy! I used a gallon ziploc bag, a big jar of clear hair gel, Duck tape and some plastic fish and sea creatures I got from the dollar store.

sensory bag supplies

     These are the lucky creatures that got selected for the sealife bag.

sensory bag toys

     I added the entire contents of a 2 lb jar of hair gel and one drop of blue food coloring. I have read that some people use body wash and some use just water.

sensory bag

     I reinforced the sides with Duck tape. I have seen others that use clear packing tape. I wish I had thought to do that! Next time, I will. Even so, I might go over the “windows” of this one anyway. 🙂
     This makes a fun tummy time “squishy toy” for baby.

Caution: Do NOT leave baby unattended with this. Teeth or nails could puncture the bag. 

baby playing

   Lots of fun!

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  1. So fun and so easy!! I wouldn’t do after my kiddo has teeth tho lol!! Those bad boys are so sharp that Id have blue goo everywhere!! This is so fun for infants and older kiddos who know better tho!!

  2. My son would have loved this idea when he was younger! I might even do the spongy bath toy letters as another way to learn the alphabet.

  3. That’s a neat idea! I like that it would provide sensory material for both visual and touch for baby. The colors of the sea life toys and the blue gel would be a nice exposure and then touching the bag would provide a nice way to get baby to grasp the feel of the liquid and toy forms.

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