Fun Friday: Cute (Not Scary!) Spiders!

Spider Halloween Craft for Kids

Spider Halloween Craft for KidsWould you like one of these cute little spiders? (Don’t worry, they don’t bite! 😉 These are cute spiders so even young kids will like them–especially if they get to help make them! They make a fun Halloween craft and you can use them as favors or decorations at a Halloween party!

For each spider you need:

1 black pipe cleaner, cut into 4 equal parts

1 pom pom in color of choice (almost an inch in diameter)

2 small googly eyes


First, holding the 4 pieces of pipe cleaner in a bundle, twist them around the middle a couple of times so they don’t come loose.

spider legs

Bend the legs so that the spider will be “standing.” Put a generous amount of glue on the middle, attach the pom pom and googly eyes.

spider craft

Allow to dry, then attach to a web of paper or yarn, or just a string. Or just set it on the table. It’s cute either way!




  1. Those look so cute and so easy to make. Thanks for sharing!

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