Wellness Wednesday: Benefits of White Tea

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Benefits of White Tea

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Have you heard of white tea? You have probably heard of the benefits of green tea, but white tea is even better. Green tea is less processed than black tea and white tea is less processed than green tea. And I actually like white tea better than green tea. 

White tea contains more antioxidants and less caffeine than other types of tea. Other possible benefits of white tea for regular drinkers include lower blood pressure, and cholesterol, heart protection, oral health, and healthier skin and bones. It is also naturally antibacterial and antiviral and may even have some power against cancer-causing cells.

White tea has a very mild flavor. My very favorite white tea is (affiliate link) Adagio Blueberry White Tea. It has a very light flavor with a hint of fruitiness. You can drink it hot or cold, but my preferred method is to cold brew it overnight. To me, it has the best flavor this way. I do like to have a touch of sweetener in it, but really, it is so good and mild I can drink it plain (if it’s cold).

Have you ever tried white tea? How do you like it?


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  1. This is very interest. I had never heard of White Tea until I read this post. I really want to try this for the health benefits to include lowering my blood pressure.

  2. I love tea of all kinds but I tend to overlook that its actually good for you!! I’ll have to head out for some white tea 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing! I haven’t heard of white tea, but I’m going to pick some up tomorrow! I like that it has less caffeine, because I get enough from other sources, so this would fit in nicely. Thank you!

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