My Sleep Number Experience (part 4, 2 Years Later)

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This is a follow up review of the Sleep Number bed I received 2 years ago. All experiences and opinions are my own and my differ from others.

Sleep Number Review

It’s hard to believe it’s been just over 2 years since I was invited to do a review for a Sleep Number m7 bed. If you missed the initial review you can check it out here. And you can also check out my first post on the store visit and the one on the delivery.

I wasn’t asked to do a follow up post, but I decided to do one anyway, in case anyone wants to know how a Sleep Number bed works out in the long term. So, two years and a pregnancy later, I have to say we’re still really liking our bed.

We have the m7, which is the one with the memory foam mattress. We really like it, but I do get a little warm in it when it’s the hottest part of the summer. But most of the time this is not an issue for me. The bed is really comfortable overall and I love the way my body just sinks into the mattress.

I read a couple of reviews on the Sleep Number website that claimed the mattress wore out within a matter of months. I’ve had my Sleep Number a little over two years now and my mattress looks just fine. And this is with 3 kids climbing into the bed and rough-housing.

Even at full firmness, this bed is comfortable. I have been able to sleep on the bed at 100. Occasionally we misplace the remote. 😉 Normally, though, I like my setting at 30 and DH likes his at 50. He has experimented with other numbers but always comes back to 50.

My parents decided to get a Sleep Number bed after trying out ours. They had been considering it, but getting to try ours out helped make their decision. That was only a couple months after we got ours. I think they got a different model though. My dad likes a firm mattress and my mom said she’d never had a mattress she liked so much, because she likes hers softer. Now they can both get what they want.

I know some people have had negative experiences, but I can honestly say that has not been my experience, or the experience of anyone I’ve spoken to. This was the bed we never knew we needed, and I’m so grateful we got a chance to try it out!

     You can see all the beds Sleep Number has to offer on Sleep Number website and compare features! You can also find Sleep Number on facebook, twitter and YouTube.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free for evaluation purposes. However, all opinions expressed are still 100% my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16, CFR part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Please see my full disclosure policy HERE.

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  1. My husband and I cannot even sleep together because our mattress is too hard for my damaged back 🙁 When we can afford it, we want to try the Sleep Number Mattress. Great review!!

  2. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to try one of these. They seem nice but kind of expensive.

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