Weight Loss Wednesday: 3 Ways to Keep Motivated

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     So, you’ve decided you want to lose weight, get healthier and feel better all around. And maybe you started out strong, but now you feel your momentum is starting to wane. What can you do to spur yourself forward? Well, here are a few ideas.
     1. Map out your plan. Instead of having a vague goal of “losing 50 pounds” make a list (you can add pictures and draw it like a map for fun) of goals that will lead up to it. Say goal number one is to walk at least 10,000 steps a day (use your pedometer for this). Once you’ve met that goal, say you will do 15-minute pilates session (you can find online videos or get your own DVD) 3 times a week.
     Or if you’re a heavy soda drinker, commit to halving your intake and upping the water you drink, then maybe you will get to one a week, then maybe one a month. Put a star or some other symbol on your map when you’ve reached one milestone (like reaching a certain clothing size or getting a good habit incorporated into your routine), to encourage yourself to keep going. Next time aim a little higher.
     2. Use the buddy system. You’ve probably heard this before, but it’s easier to stick with a goal if you have a partner. Whether it’s your best girlfriend, or your significant other, having someone to cheer you on can make a big difference.
     It’s great if you and your buddy can actually go walking/running or to the gym together. This may not always be possible, but you could at least have someone you check in with on a regular basis. Even if it’s only by phone. You’re less likely to cheat when you’re faced with the choice of either admiting your weakness, or lying to your friend. Neither sounds great to me!
     3. Reward yourself. Give yourself a dollar (or any amount of your choosing) each time you lose a pound. When you reach your goal weight, use the money to buy yourself a new outfit or treat yourself to your favorite restaurant. When there’s a tangible reward involved, it usually makes you more eager to meet your goals.

How do you keep yourself motivated? I’d love to have your answers in the comments!

Did you find this helpful? Please share!

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  1. Track your progress because then you can see where you’re doing great and where there are temptations that trip you up. Plus over time, you can gradually beat the day or week before’s numbers and step into your new body.

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