How to Build Better Habits with Noom

How to Build Better Habits It’s that time of year again! The holidays are over and after a sugar binge that would make Buddy the Elf proud, some of us may be feeling a little guilty. The non-stop marathon of all the rich, fatty, sugary food you can eat from Halloween to New Year’s has […]

Kids Night In Box (January 2019)

This post contains affiliate links. I also received a Kids Night in Box as part of their ambassador program. Quality time is such an important thing for children. When you set aside time that’s just for them, it shows them how important they are to you. Now some of us may need a little help […]

P.volve Home Workout

This post is sponsored by P.volve and contains affiliate links.¬† Just about every health expert will tell you if you want to improve your health and lose weight, it comes down to two basic things–diet and exercise. The opinions on how to implement those two things may vary, but take away is pretty much the […]

Mama and Baby Owl Cake

This is the cake I made for Lil K’s first birthday. I literally decided on this cake like 2 days before her birthday. I used be all into cake decorating and think I was going to make these grand cakes for my kids, but it turns out I prefer simple, but cute. Although my son’s […]

Trim, Healthy Mama–What’s That All About?

¬†This is an overview of the Trim Healthy Mama plan. Affiliate links have been included for your convenience, but your price will not be impacted in any way. Have you heard of this new “diet” called Trim, Healthy Mama? Late last year I saw this phrase pop up on one or two blogs I followed […]

Is a Thrive Marketplace Membership for You?

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase a membership, I will receive compensation. All opinions are mine. If you follow the natural/organic/paleo scene at all, you may have heard of a new online natural food store called Thrive Marketplace. After I got invited to partner with them, it seemed I was seeing it promoted […]


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