Mama and Baby Owl Cake

Owl Cake

This is the cake I made for Lil K’s first birthday. I literally decided on this cake like 2 days before her birthday. I used be all into cake decorating and think I was going to make these grand cakes for my kids, but it turns out I prefer simple, but cute. Although my son’s pirate ship cake and my daughter’s castle cake may suggest otherwise…

Anyhow, this pair of cakes is actually pretty simple. I managed to get them both out of one chocolate cake recipe and buttercream frosting recipe. There were just 4 adults and 3 small children to serve and we still ended up having a little left over, so…we didn’t do too bad. My one-year-old did get to plow into the little one on her own!

I used a 9 inch round and 5 inch round and the cakes were only one layer apiece. To get the cake, I simply used a bowl over the edge of the cake and cut around the outline to make the ears.

Owl cake

Pick two main colors. I used pink and purple. Leave just a little bit of icing white to use for the eyes. Ice the area that will be the bellies opposite colors.


Using a large leaf tip, cover the rest of the cake in feathers.

Owl cake 3

Add eyes and use chocolate chips for pupils. Use cashews for beaks and pecan halves for feet.

Owl Cake

Cute and easy!



  1. Amber Ludwig says

    These turned out so super cute!! I love them!! Great job!!

  2. These are so cute. I really love the detail on the owls and the buttercream frosting is my favorite. I wish I was better at cake decorating. These definitely make me want to bake.

  3. These owl cakes are super cute! I checked your Jake and the Neverland Pirates cake and wish I hadn’t missed that post. My granddaughter was fascinated with pirates so much that she insisted on having pirate theme birthday parties for her 3rd AND 4th birthdays. Wish I had some of your creativity! 🙂

  4. Pamela Gurganus says

    Oh my goodness, these cake are too adorable! I love them! How clever and unique. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Judith Martinez says

    Those are totally adorable! I am tempted to make one for my 23 year old’s birthday since she is loving the whole owl trend.

  6. I am very impressed by your cake making and think your owl cakes are so adorable! I bet it tasted so delicious!

  7. These are really cute and look so easy to make

  8. I am loving these cakes! The detail is great, especially the feathers!

  9. James Robert says

    Very impressive….wow, what a great job you did on this. You made it sound easy but I’ll guarantee you, If I were to try this, it would never happen

  10. shelly peterson says

    These cakes are super cute. You did a great job! Hope your daughter had a great first Birthday!

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