Low Carb Petit Fours

These low carb petit fours are a decadent sugar free dessert and the perfect addition to your low carb tea party. Keto friendly Trim Healthy Mama S dessert.

Low Carb Classic Stuffing (THM-S)

Low Carb Stuffing – Trim Healthy Mama S recipe I know many of my Trim Healthy Mama friends have been looking for an on-plan low carb stuffing recipe, or low carb dressing, for the upcoming holidays. This was originally posted a few years ago, back when I couldn’t find a low carb stuffing recipe that […]

Low Fat Sugar Free Cream Cheese Frosting

Cream Cheese Fuel Pull Frosting   There are a lot of great recipes for sugar free frosting out there, but a lot of them are full of heavy whipping cream, cream cheese, or both. There don’t seem to be a whole lot of low fat frosting options out there. If you’re following the Trim Healthy […]

White Chicken Chili (THM – E)

It’s fall again which means it’s time for soups and stews! So I thought I’d share this super-easy white chicken chili recipe. If you have an InstantPot (which I highly recommend), you can have this done in an hour. If you have a slow cooker, you’ll want to cook it at least 8 hours, but […]

Sugar Free White Chocolate Truffles

Sugar Free White Chocolate Truffles Repin this recipe for later! So, since we now have a sugar free chocolate available to us, I’ve updated my recipe sugar free white chocolate truffles. I did leave the original white chocolate instructions at the bottom of this post, but since I’m all about my recipes being as easy […]

Tomato Feta Chicken

This recipe was born after I made my Fuel Pull Greek Chicken one night and my husband said “You know, this would go really good with that feta tomato stuff you make.” The “feta stuff” he was referring to is my feta saganaki, where you cook it until the feta gets all melty and you […]

Low Carb Cuban Pressed Sandwich

Low Carb Cuban Sandwich   So, last week I brought you the Instant pot shredded pork recipe. And now’s the part where I tell you the real reason I like to make it is so I have pork left over to make a Cuban sandwich. Because once you have the shredded pork made, this is […]

Cuban Style Shredded Pork with Black Beans and Yellow Rice

Instant Pot Cuban Pork Repin this recipe for future reference! My husband is from Tampa and he’s a fan of Cuban food. In particular the roasted pork with black beans and yellow rice. I really wanted to come up with a way for him to get the meal he wanted without derailing myself. And the […]

Carvel Style Sugar Free Ice Cream Cake

Sugar Free Carvel Ice Cream Cake Repin this post for later! Have you ever had a Carvel ice cream cake? I’ve always loved them, and they’ve traditionally been my favorite birthday treat, but they are so full of sugar. Which I’m trying to cut back on drastically. I actually have a copycat Carvel Ice Cream […]

Instant Pot Shredded Chicken Breast THM – FP

Shredded Chicken Breast Recipe You know those days when you haven’t really planned dinner ahead of time, you’ve got no meat thawed and you need to come up with a dinner idea quick? Well, this shredded chicken recipe is perfect for those days. It’s fat free, flavorful, versatile and not dry. And you can make […]


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